Our collection this year, Fire de Folclor (Threads of Folklore), is a capsule collection; it is made of simple, functional and ageless clothes that can be worn for any occasion.
They can be transmitted from generation to generation, because they are timeless and very easy to match with each other or other clothes from anyone’s wardrobe for various events or moments of life or day.
Also FdF collection is a focus on our parents and grandparents generation, on their stories and advice, translated for us not only by appearance of the clothes that we propose but also by care, attitude and the way that we wear them.
We have followed, in parallel, an evolution in the patterns of the clothes, an evolution in what concerns their length and lightness.
So, Urzeala tries to bring together four generations and a communication space. Using the pretext of clothes we make a renewal or a strengthening of the connection between us. That is why the collection is named Fire de Folclor (Threads of Folklore); because between this approach and its result it binds generations through invisible threads of tradition and folklore.
The concepts that inspire us for the things we do are functional minimalism and fashion on ethical principles (in this respect we use only local resources, except for the materials production where we have difficulties in finding manufacturers for all the types of materials we need). To these, sums up the inspiration offered by traditional culture and folk visual elements.
For this collection we paid a lot of attention to the way in which clothes were worn, the purpose they had, how they act during movement, how materials act in time and we focused less on the graphic decorations, although they are present as a distinctive mark of an intergenerational concept.
Our collection consists of 8 outfits for 4 age categories:
- grandparents
- parents
- teenagers
- children
Each outfit has items that can be worn both separate, as well as in combination with other items in the collection or any other clothes.
-white shirts/blouses made of cotton by the patterns and functionality of the traditional shirts/blouses, but with modern details and subtle inserts of traditional or identity elements (for example the last three buttons are in the colours of the national flag)
- black knit or cloth trousers and skirts – with patterns and from materials that combines elements of sport lightness with smart casual ones.
- knit or cloth waistcoats that are inspired from coats, traditional vests or suman (traditional coat down to the knee usually made of handmade cloth), but readapting the proportions, patterns and length to the current rhythm of life and needs.
Some of the items are adorned with Urzeala original prints.
The outfits can be matched with printed linen bags.
We have used for this collection materials made of natural fibbers because it is important for the durability of the clothes and the comfort of those who wear them.
We have included, for the first time for us, besides cotton knit, cotton cloth and linen, but we kept the style inspired and adapted for urban life.


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