Limited editions, 0 stock, minimum publicity, ethical work, weaved in Romania.
Since the beginning, in 2013, Urzeala has produced limited editions through local resources and using an ethical approach.
All our products find their suitable wearer and we are very grateful to those who wait for the new editions, even when they are late to appear.
To work only with small producers and local workshops has its risks, delay or postponement being one of them. But we assume the risks following the idea that all good things happen at the right time.
Urzeala advertising is reduced towards 0. The only challenge that we take is in social media with a very low budget. Revenues and profits are reinvested to improve the production, to raise the quality standards and to give to those who weave with us the right payment. The production costs for Urzeala are maybe 3-4 time bigger that for other brands just because we try to produce with dignity. Furthermore, the fact that we don’t invest in advertising helps us to keep the costs at least similar to other brands.
To help keeping an environment as healthy as possible we have reduced to the minimum the dimensions, the weight and the complexity of the packages. Now we use just packaging sheets. We make ourselves the transportation to the point of currier delivery in order to save other people time and to avoid the necessity of multiple travels meaning less gas and fewer burns.

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