Urzeala started in 2013 out of love and respect for our grandfathers and out of the wish to keep them always with us, if not different, at least through these #THREADSOFFOLKLORE
Urzeala connects generations through threads of folklore and continues to remind us Romanian stories and legends.
Urzeala items are everyday clothes, made of natural materials, handmade in small local workshops.
Urzeala enters into the category of long term, ethic projects with sustainable vision, being currently supported by own founds and product sales.
What does #RESTARTFOLKLORE mean?
The purpose of #Urzeala project is to revalue, to translate and to bring to our generation attention elements of cultural identity, elements of design, meanings, reporting to things and goods (in opposition to an accelerated consumerism), awareness of the importance of supporting the local economy.
Urzeala means comfortable clothes, made of natural materials, made in Romania by original patterns, in limited edition in local workshops.
The whole #URZEALA project started from the wish to carry on our stories and identity landmarks, as we have felt them, and to bring back to the public attention the fact that we have beautiful stories that can stay close to everyone’s heart for generations.
You will always find as happy to receive guests and to talk at contact@urzeala.ro or 0753354381
Oana Ivan – founder.keeper.weaver

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