Well, the time has come to start sharing with you the stories behind Urzeala project. First of all, Urzeala is about people and telling their stories but it is also about trying to prove that there is another way of doing things, even, on a commercial level; a more human, natural and balanced one.

Urzeala is a Romania project, 100% local.

The reasons behind starting the project are:

1. creating a local vehicle for producing, promoting and placing our products using only local force and resources

2. presenting and preserving cultural elements, concept and symbols in a simple and humble manner

3. preserving and presenting the authenticity as a valid way of living and communication

4. preserving and promoting the cultural elements from our tradition, based on a previous documentation and experience

Otherwise, connecting 3 generations: grandparents, parents and nephews by folklore

#folklorewires #weareremainingathome

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