Eduar Winsch, or Tedy as his friends form skate parks and not only call him, is one of the youngest warpers from the Team, but the is a worthy lad and he would skate, now on his new longboard, from dawn to dusk, a thing he has been doing for 4 years now.

Proud scout, Tedy says that not even the blows can stand between him and his skate and that this sport has become a pillar where he spends all days. “At the beginning I had no idea what it means to represent something while you have your skate under your feet or what it means to be part of such a team”, says Tedy. But not much time passed until he began to put together all the things that connect him to the team. “Urzeala supports and encourages me and more than that, motivates me”.

He enjoys and friendship made with people from different corners of the country and more than that, he is glad that all these connections were formed in time, without realizing it on the spot. And without realizing “I’ve learned to appreciate more Romanian traditions” because he has found the perfect shape for him and

“I can restart the folklore while I do a downhill on my board”.

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