Do you want to warp? Sounds like a challenge and a little hard understandable one, right? It is about a Romanian brand which promotes traditional ornaments inherited from our ancestors. We thought it is a nice initiative after we have seen the clothes. Oana Ivan, the initiator of this unique idea, will speak about how the idea of “Urzeală” brand came to life and what this project means.

How the idea came to life and what story lies behind “Urzeală”? Dear Victoria, I am going to tell you a story, because, actually, that is how it happened. It wasn’t a marketing idea, but one about how to bring together initially two people and then more people, each one with different and poorly shaped ideas and desires, and from their encounter to get something beautiful. That was the situation at the beginning. I spoke on the phone for hours with The Fly (Cosmin Ionuț Iluc), the graphic designer. He was in Iași, I was in Bucharest. We had never seen each other and I told him all the film I had I my mind at that moment. One thing was invariable. The question: but, why do you think it’s going to work? (she smiles) and other dozen questions about how and but and why. After that came the “I don’t know”, “I don’t believe that”. The natural conclusion was that we had to meet and see what would be, if it would be. And then, I concluded that it is necessary to meet and talk and “see”. I couldn’t go to Iași so we met in Bucharest. Urzeală, as a name, was born in Romană Square, on Pitar Moș Street, in the pub “La Copac”, in a moment when the most suitable choices for a brand of urban clothes with motifs inspired by old Romanian signs were exhausted and everybody had put it off for the next day. Typical!

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